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About Us

Welcome to our Integrative Breathwork Mighty Network. Our Network offers a comprehensive 7 month breathwork training, alongside many satellite courses, groups and linked events.  

Integrative Breath was co-founded by Steph Magenta & Dr Rae Riedel, both of whom hold a lifelong passion for health and wellness, with many decades of combined experience serving their in depth trainings. 

Dr Rae is a doctor of Chiropractic & Functional Medicine, also trained in Hakomi (body based mindfulness) and shamanism. She holds a masters in Spiritual Psychology and is a current assistant in the US to Thomas Huebl, a much acclaimed modern day mystic.

Steph's background in over 25 years of running her own juice bars and clean food cafés gave her a passionate interest in optimum health and detoxing for longevity. Alongside that she is a licensed bodywork therapist with several years experience in addiction research and substance misuse support for families. She has led international events, retreats and trainings within the field of health and healing and is known for her grounded, integral approach. She is invested in ongoing shamanic training. 

Why You Should Join Us

We offer a range of innovative, exciting programs all designed to really lead you towards lifelong inner mastery and wellbeing. 

Our Network offers space for discussion, learning, growth and the odd challenge by presenting new and exciting information with a key focus on breathwork for health and healing. 

A Big Thanks

Being here helps us grow a better world. Healthy people make healthy choices and healthy choices lead to a better world. Our core values are presence, integrity, authenticity, love, respect and co-creation. Thank you for being a part of that!

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